AUDITORY INTEGRATION (Integrated Listening Systems)

iLs therapy uses filtered music to mature the pathways in the brain. These pathways are needed to recognise different sounds while reading and processing spoken language quickly and efficiently. iLs is used to help children who are easily overwhelmed, hypersensitive, anxious & those who have difficulty in regulating their emotions. iLs is a complementary approach which can be integrated into a broad variety of practices such as psychology/counseling, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

iLs has a pervasive effect on the brain and central nervous system. It helps in learning and attention difficulties by training specific areas of the brain to work together at the same time. It improves an individual's ability to sustain, focus and the executive function skills. It addresses autism through a staged developmental approach beginning with the fundamentals like sensory integration and progressing to more complex functions like language & social skills.

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Central to this therapy is the idea that learning and behavior difficulties in the early years of a child, are the results of developmental issues. This may be due to the underdeveloped neural pathways or motor skills in the later years, especially after the age of seven, which are essential for learning. Taking the child through all the early developmental movements, would facilitate 'rewiring' the brain pathways that lead to improved learning.

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