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Ananya Learning Centre – A short write up

Ananya is a Learning Centre that provides Early Intervention, School readiness, and After School Therapy Support to children with special needs. Early Intervention programme at Ananya is a highly structured small group or one to one programme where children participate in various therapies. The early intervention programme, run by a multidisciplinary team works with children to develop their motor skills, cognitive skills, attention and concentration, build functional communication and language and teach play and social skills. The skills gained through the programme help children in smooth transition to school.

Our services are structured bespoke therapies for:

Learning Difficulties

Autism (AUTISM)


Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Downs Syndrome

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Social Pragmatic Difficulties

How did Ananya come into being?

The arrival of Varun, a child with autism (the first born of Founder, Madhavi Adimulam), In 2001, 16 years ago, lead the parents to the search for wholesome development and those gears that would help him live his life to the optimum potential. After extensive search and research, the parents chose to move to U.K. While journeying with Varun, Madhavi did her Masters in English and Psychology.  Over the years, she also attended numerous workshops and trainings in helping children who have diverse educational needs.

A few years later the family decided to move back India.

Madhavi’s mind was not still. Development for a child with learning difficulties, is multifaceted. It involves various therapies happening simultaneously, with a synchronizing structure. She did not want to live just with the satisfaction that her child is blossoming and transforming.  She wanted to share her experience and put to good use her knowledge to help other children who were deprived of quality therapy.

Then sprung Ananya in 2008. A centre matching international standards, with all therapies under one roof.

Varun can read and write over 30 languages and is talented Hindustani Classical singer who received Pandit Jasraj Award for the Upcoming Talent in Hindustani Vocal in 2015.

Inception of our brand and USP

Varun is ‘the’ special child, the torch bearer, who takes all the credit for 10,000 happy families till date.  Varun could reach this stage only because of the interventions he received at a very early age.  After seeing Varun go from strength to strength over the last 16 years as a parent and a therapist Madhavi strongly believed that Early Diagnosis and Intervention is the key to a child’s success.  At Ananya we highly recommend, our flagship program, Early Intervention and School Readiness.

Varun is ‘the’ special child, the torch bearer, who takes all the credit for 10,000 happy families till date.

Our brand USPs

Our Approach

Creating an environment where, children can overcome challenges.

Our Speciality

Working closely with parents & schools.

Our commitment

Providing a holistic approach, with lasting solutions backed by support network.

Our Strategy

A fully equipped centre, full-time dedicated team & streaming association with international experts.

Year 2017 – 46,939 empowering hours of unlocking potential, touching 840 children and still counting.

Our brand is promise. Every person who works in Ananya is a brand ambassador. A personification of trust and exemplary conduct & virtue.

Need for Early Intervention

Research is increasingly proving that children with developmental delays will benefit from the earliest interventions possible. Research studies are also urging families not to use the “wait and see” method for early intervention as it was “likely to have significant and negative consequences.” Early interventions can impact multiple areas of a child’s life including—but not limited to—their academic success, communication skills, and may alleviate fiscal responsibility for continuing therapies.

Some studies even have shown that early intervention can improve a child’s IQ by approximately 18 points.

I Decade + 10,000 children = Thankful families

Combined Vision:

“To deliver measurable outcomes for children with developmental delays and special needs through integration of specialist therapies, parent support & training.”

Combined Mission:

“To identify and evaluate, as early as possible, those infants and toddlers who have developmental delays and special needs and provide them therapeutic interventions to improve their development.”

Our Values:

Knowledge Sharing, Integrity, Collaboration.

All therapies under one roof

AUDITORY INTEGRATION (Integrated Listening Systems™) iLs therapy uses filtered music to mature the pathways in the brain. These pathways are needed to recognise different sounds while reading and processing spoken language quickly and efficiently. iLs is used to help children who are easily overwhelmed, hypersensitive, anxious, and those who have difficulty in regulating their emotions.

DEVELOPMENTAL MOVEMENT THERAPY (Extra Lesson™) Central to this therapy is the idea that learning and behavioural difficulties, in the first two years of a child, are the results of developmental issues. This may be due to the underdeveloped neural path ways or motor skills, in the later years especially after the age of 7, which are essential for learning. Taking the child through all the early developmental movements, would facilitate ‘rewiring’ the brain pathways that lead to improved learning.

READING-WRITING-SPELLING-MATH We adopt, while teaching children, simultaneous use of multiple senses, including auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic (touch). The use of multisensory input is thought to enhance memory storage and retrieval. Language elements and rules are introduced in a linguistically logical and understand- able order. This will enable the students to lay a strong foundation in language and mathematics.

OT/ SI THERAPY Our Occupational / Sensory Integration Therapists work with the child to improve on:

  • Transition to new activities and play skills
  • Increased need for personal space
  • Responses to sensory stimuli
  • Focus on motor skills such as posture, balance and manipulation of small objects
  • Significant reduction of aggression, temper-tantrums and other difficult behaviours

SPEECH THERAPY Our Speech Therapists develop a comprehensive therapy plan to address receptive and expressive language, semantics, syntax, pragmatics and classroom language skills, oral motor planning and strengthening. Speech may be taught through games, activities and through technical apps to suit the child’s age and needs. COUNSELING Individual/personal or group counselling addresses issues of day-to-day living. These issues could vary from simple problems such as high-stress levels to serious problems like depression. We specially focus on extending support to the parents of children with special needs.

MUSIC AND ART THERAPIES • Facilitate self-esteem and positive body image and peer interaction • Promote sense of independence through controlled feelings • Raise awareness and orientation to time, date, place and sequencing • Improve attention span and problem-solving skills

BEHAVIOUR THERAPY Our skilled ABA therapist customizes the intervention to each learner’s skills, needs, interests, preferences and family situation. For these reasons, an ABA program for one learner will look different than a program for another learner. Effective ABA intervention is not a “one size fits all” approach and should never be viewed as a “canned” set of programs or drills.

NUTRITION THERAPY Our Nutritionist discusses with the parents the child’s constitution, learning and behavioural issues and recommends a customized dietary plan. Nutrition is a very important aspect of our holistic approach towards learning. We believe in the dictum that “Food is Medicine.”

Our team:                                                                                           

We equip our full time dedicated, skilled therapists with continuous training programs so they are updated with the latest therapies and methods. We have on call doctors and visiting nutritionists to facilitate wholesome development.

Our team is in continuous conversation with industry experts across the globe, exploring new trends and methodologies.

Knowledge sharing and awareness programs

Knowledge sharing is one of the key values at Ananya.

We regularly conduct “Awareness workshops for young parents & educators”. We have to-date facilitated and conducted over 1000 workshops, which encompass new trends and best practices in the industry.

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