Jan. 9, 2020, 4:28 a.m.

Early Intervention – Starts Early

The early years of a child are some of the most important ones for development. In the initial few years of a baby’s life, the brain is on its highest level of grasping and learning to create newer stronger neural pathways - neuroplasticity

Now what if you notice that your child is having difficulty or trouble with some skills or that “something is off “? Well this is the time you go to a healthcare professional for advice and support. In other words, this is the time you opt for early intervention. 
What exactly is early intervention? It is a system of services that support babies and toddlers with development delays or disorders.

This program focuses on helping these babies and toddlers reach their developmental milestones that are otherwise delayed.

Some of these the skills that are taught are:
 - Physical Motor skills : Crawling, walking, rolling, reaching out etc.
 - Social/emotional skills : Playing, expressing sadness and
 happiness, feeling of security etc.
 - Self-help skills : dressing, eating
 - Communication skills: Listening, talking, understanding
 - Cognitive skills : Learning, thinking, problem solving etc.

Early intervention services are tailor made to the needs of the child as they need to address the developmental priorities of the child. It also includes services for the family in relation to the needs of the child, to help them understand what exactly is happening. 

To understand the term “development delay” with more clarity, watch out for our next post on Early Intervention and Milestones! 


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