Feb. 26, 2020, 2:50 a.m.

Autism – From The Perspective Of A Physiotherapist

 Physiotherapy is a key ingredient in the treatment of motor difficulties for children who with autism.  
A physiotherapist who is experienced in pediatrics will assess the child’s overall motor functioning, identify underlying difficulties and then provide an intervention programme to help address the identified difficulties while this simultaneously works on improving the child’s overall functioning.  
The following can be the underlying motor difficulties: 
A number of motor, sensory and muscular-skeletal issues are the base of the difficulties experienced by a child with ASD 
-       Low muscle tone 
-       Motor planning difficulties 
-       Poor core strength 
-       Poor posture 
-       Tight muscles 
-       Tight joints 
-       Delayed achievement 
-       Poor or inefficient balance reactions 
Keeping in mind these difficulties, a physiotherapist will plan goals as a part of their intervention.