Oct. 11, 2019, 3:40 p.m.

Myth: ADHD is a learning disability

FACT: ADHD isn't a learning disability; be that as it may, it makes learning troublesome. For instance, it is difficult to realize when you battle to concentrate on what your educator is stating or when you must sit in one place and focus on a task in front of you. You can face both. Learning disabilities and ADHD frequently co-exist. Kids with ADHD are bound to have learning disabilities as compared to kids who don't have ADHD. 
Learning includes utilizing the official elements (executive functions) of the brain especially the capacity to pay attention, focus, connect with an errand and utilize working memory. We realize that ADHD influences these official elements of the brain. Numerous individuals with ADHD can battle with learning and schoolwork due to the official capacity issues identified with their ADHD, yet they need more of an impedance to be determined to have a learning disorder.  

Examples of Learning Disabilities: 
  • Dyslexia is a problem with reading 
  • Dyscalculia is a problem with math. 
  • Dysgraphia is a problem with writing. 
  • Dyspraxia refers to motor skills problems (engine aptitudes). 
  • Dysphasia/Aphasia refers to language problems. 
  • Auditory Processing Disorder is a sound related problem. 
  • Visual Processing Disorder