Autism/ ASD

Autism is a spectrum that touches each child different. Yes, it is exactly that – a spectrum – that leads to unique strengths and challenges for everyone.

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder (in depth):

ASD describes a group of neurodevelopmental conditions in which, the individuals face challenges with social engagement and age-appropriate play and fail to develop appropriate peer relationships according to their developmental level.

The outlook for many individuals with ASD today is brighter than it was 50 years ago; more people with the condition can speak, read, and live in the community, and some are free from the symptoms when they reach a certain age. Thanks to the autism schools!

Nevertheless, most individuals will not work full-time or live independently. Genetics and neuroscience have identified intriguing patterns of risk, but without much practical benefit yet.

What does it look like?

In a child, it could be difficulties communicating/socializing with others, paired with restrictive/repetitive behaviour, that tend to get in the way of learning important skills, children with ASD tend to spend time in passive play and maladaptive behaviours and are less likely to spontaneously participate in organized leisure activities such as sports. thus, this inactiveness results in obesity in some cases.

Signs/symptoms of Autism:

Social communication/ interaction difficulties:

  • Fails to respond to his/her name or appears not to hear you at times.
  • Has trouble understanding other feelings or expressing them
  • Has poor eye contact and lacks facial expression
  • Can't start a conversation and keep it going, or only starts one to make requests.
  • Speaks with an abnormal tone or robot-like speech
  • Doesn't appear to understand simple questions or directions
  • Doesn't point at or bring objects to share interest

Patterns of behaviour:

  • Performs repetitive movements, such as rocking, spinning/hand flapping
  • Performs activities that could cause self-harm, such as biting/ head-banging
  • Has problems with coordination or has odd movement patterns, such as clumsiness or walking on toes, and has odd, stiff or exaggerated body language
  • Is unusually sensitive to light, sound or touch, yet may be indifferent to pain or temperature
  • Doesn't engage in imitative or make-believe play
  • Has specific food preferences, such as eating only a few foods, or refusing foods with a certain texture.

Importance of Early Intervention

Simply put, the faster you identify whether your child has autism, the faster you can intervene with effective treatments to lay the foundation for a more fulfilling life.

Human brain is easily shaped within individual’s first 7 years of life, making the power of learning incredibly greater in those first several years. It is vital to take advantage of this time period (from age 16 months- 2 years).

In addition to optimizing learning from a young age, early identification and diagnosis like Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA therapy) can be implemented at any Autism Centre in Hyderabad which is a key to catch impeding behaviours before they become habit. Whether or not your child's behaviour is related to autism or some other than that. the sooner you find out, the sooner you put your own mind at ease and get them real help.

Everyday challenges for kids diagnosed with ASD:

Children who have autism present special challenges in the educational system. Many schools we work with are eager to serve students with ASD, however the kids may not have the skills the schools require, With our centre-based therapy model at Ananya, we don’t wish to replace school, but rather, prepare kids for the classroom.

The earlier you start therapy, the less likely you’ll need to delay school.

If one of the goals for your child is to attend school and lead a normal life, let us help you both get there. Learn more about how we can focus on school readiness within our Ananya School Readiness Programme, starting at as early as 18 months of age. Visit Ananya – an autism School in Hyderabad today!

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