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We developed our own Early Intervention Programme. Research shows that children with developmental delays will benefit from the early intervention. Research studies are also urging families not to use the “wait and see” method for early intervention as it was “likely to have significant and negative consequences.” Early intervention help children in not only their academic success but also in their overall development.

Identifying special needs and developmental delays at a very young age in children and providing support to them by Early intervention programme is an effective way to improve their Cognitive ability, language ability, and social interaction. Ananya has been offering Early Intervention Programme to very young children – as young as 12 months – for the last 10 years in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Many parents who suspect developmental delays in their very young children (between one and year to two years) come to Ananya for screening and diagnosis. Some parents come to Ananya after their Paediatrician had recommended a screening/evaluation for their very young child.

Whenever developmental delay is confirmed after screening, Ananya recommends Early Intervention Programme for the child. Ananya has an expert team of therapists and child psychologists offering evidence-based therapies to very young children. The brain of a very young child is quite malleable so by doing different therapies as part of the early intervention programme, the learning potential of a child increases exponentially.

Ananya believes that the Early Intervention Programme gives results because all the therapies and sessions for each child are carefully selected as per the child’s requirements. Ananya’s therapy plan covers various developmental goals which are for different ages are embedded in play form, making it fun and easy for children to learn.

Ananya encourages Parental involvement during all stages of the therapies and they receive instructions and training in different workshops, so that they could learn more about the strategies they need to use at home daily for successful outcomes in their child’s progress.

The early intervention programme at Ananya Is provided in a toddler safe environment matching international standards and delivered by trained, experienced therapists.

Do you offer short-term programmes?

We do offer short-term programmes for people who are visiting Hyderabad for 1 or 2 weeks or 1-2 months from other states or cities and other countries.

Yes, we do offer short-term programmes for people who are visiting Hyderabad. They come to us for short programmes and they go back and usually our short programmes are very popular because lot of parents come with children as referrals from the parents who have already used our services.

Our school specialization

ANANYA specializes in providing early intervention support and therapies Special needs and developmental delays. We are very well known for our evidence based Early Intervention Programmes and individualized therapy programmes for children with a diagnosis of Speech Delay, High Risk Autism or Mild Autism Diagnosis.

Are parents allowed to visit at any time or only on designated days and times?

Parents communicate with us in the regular basis. Some parents talk to us on almost every day messages that is. So, parents meet us one in a week, twice a week we try to schedule meetings at least short ones once in a month and proper reviews once in 4 months.

How frequently do you communicate with parents? Do you encourage teacher/parent communication?

Frequent parent-teacher communication and parent-therapist communication is essential for children to improve, so whatever the therapist is doing inside session the parent needs to know so we communicate with parents almost daily. Parents need to know what activities the child has done on a given day, whether the child did well or not, and the parents can work with their child at home.

Do you offer sports and/or other extracurricular activities, such as clubs?

We do offer certain programmes on the weekends like social skill programmes, group skill programmes, art therapy, and music and rhythm for children.

Enrolment Dates

Ananya does not have specific enrolment dates. Each programme is individualized for each student and enrolments are accepted throughout the year.

The Admissions Process

For a student to be considered for placement parents need to bring a recent assessment/evaluation report if it is available or Ananya Team can do the Assessment.

Final decision for acceptance of the child into the programme is determined by the Ananya Team. Enrolment can take place once all admission requirements are met.

Contact Information:

55/A, Jubilee Enclave, Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500084, Telangana, India

+91 98485 46504

+91 98485 13192

Email: info@asap.org.in