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Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy is support for children with difficulties in speech, language and communication. Children with speech difficulties can have impact on eating, drinking and swallowing as well. A Speech and Language Therapist...

Autism Therapy

Autism Therapy is a combination of 3 or more therapies – Speech therapy, behaviour therapy & Occupational therapy along with sensory integration etc. Autism Therapy is structured to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) overcome their challenges...

Behaviour Therapy/ABA Therapy

Behaviour Therapy/ABA Therapy for young children (ages 2 to 5) is the training that will particularly address those sensitive areas of the child’s Behavioural developmental. It is most effective when the parents & therapists work...


Physiotherapy is often done in collaboration with other therapies for babies who are slow to achieve their motor milestones. It helps with their gross motor and fine motor skills. At our centre our physiotherapists are specialists...

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy focuses on performing daily activities. Occupational therapy helps children who find it difficult to do their everyday tasks due to motor skills like getting dressed, holding a pencil or using a scissors which are fine motor skills and planning, writing which is hand-eye coordination, etc.. It also works with the child’s sensory processing and self-regulation. Before starting the therapy...

Early Intervention

Research shows that children with developmental delays will benefit from the early intervention. Research studies also urge families not to use the "wait and see" method for early intervention as it was "likely to have significant negative consequences." Early Intervention helps children in not only their academic success but also in their overall development. At Ananya Child Development and Early Intervention Clinic we have individualized bespoke therapy plans to suit every child”.

School Readiness

Our unique "School Readiness Programme" for children with developmental delays and special needs since 2016, prepares young children with developmental delays and special needs to the rigors of a mainstream school by equipping them with the required learning skills and coping mechanisms.

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